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Heart Treatments

Lifestyle changes and medications are the foundation of heart disease management. Please ensure that your cardiologist spend time teaching you regarding lifestyle changes.  When lifestyle changes and medications are not enough to control your disease, procedures listed below are important to prevent premature mortality and improve quality of life.


Lifestyle changes and Medications

Lifestyle changes means stopping smoking, drinking alcohol in moderation, whole food plant based high fibre diet with minimal oil and animal products, exercise according to fitness, stress reduction, social interaction and mental tranquility. Medications can be used to treat risk factors eg high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes; treat the disease eg nitrates, diuretics, ACEI ; treat the complications. Optimal choice of medications is an art perfected by experience and knowledge updates. Medicines must be administered for the right diagnosis, at the right dose, right timing and right combinations.

Dear friends, fans and my beloved patients,


Patient pays me a lot to coach them to be healthy. I want all of u to live long healthily. Many old people live long with chronic diseases and poor quality of life.


We can start with diet. #healthymealchallenge. Pls post at least one healthy meal per day to my comments portion of this FB post with hashtag #healthymealchallenge (FB or tag #Cardiologistmalaysia in your post). Posting your meal is a commitment and also a role model for frens who eat unhealthily to change. Start with one meal per day and improve to more meals. Influence your family and friends to eat healthily. Samples of healthy diet from Dr  Wong Teck Wee’s kitchen can be found on his Instagram cardiologistmalaysia


So what is a healthy meal? Answer is based on current medical evidence and my personal opinion. I advocate whole food unprocessed, plant based diet with minimal oil. Eg ulam like kacang botol, ulam raja, bendi eaten raw with sambal (Indonesian style without belacan or Budu). Indian dhal curry and resam is another complete nutrition full with protein and fibre.


Dr Wong’s opinion

Q Healthy diet is not nice!

A Tips to stimulate our taste buds are fasting, gratitude, exercise, healthy body and mind. Use all our senses such as vision (colours, texture and shape), smell (spices, onions, garlic, ginger), taste (sweet, sour, spicy etc), eating environment and companion to enhance your eating experience.


Q What’s your comment on Ketogenic diet ? What’s the ideal proportions for carb, protein , fat & fibres in each meal serving ?

A there are strong differing opinions regarding ketogenic diet. The physiology of ketogenic diet sounds logical. However, I disagree with taking high proportions of animal protein and oil to achieve ketogenic state. I suggest taking whole food unprocessed plant based protein in the form of beans; this strategy invariably comes with carbohydrates. Proportion of macronutrients is not important if you take whole food plant based. For example fat in the form of original chia seeds and flax seeds is healthier compared to drinking flax seed oil or coconut oil regularly.



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