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About U


A Note from Dr Wong

Consultant Cardiologist 

Founder (Cardiologist Malaysia)

Yes, it is not misspelt!  It is about YOU, not us. I started CardiologistMalaysia in March 2017 to provide medically filtered information for the general public. The biggest problem with obtaining health information from the internet is that it is not always easy to decide what is reliable. Surprisingly, I have gained many followers and fans on social media since then. They appreciate the reliability of the medical information and practical tips shared on social media and during live lectures.


Thank YOU for visiting our website. I have gathered a few experts in cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery with proven track record, skills and professionalism. Medical management and surgery is a field requiring high acumen, critical thinking and meticulous discipline.


Centre of Excellence : We are forward-thinking experts who embrace new non or less invasive technology to improve patient outcomes. My professor once said “we should not be the first one to use new technology and we should not be the last to use proven new technology”. Treat YOUR patient like YOUR parents, don’t treat them like guinea pigs, yet it’s unethical to withhold proven treatment that has been shown to be cost effective and safe.


We listened and considered feedbacks from other patients who suffered from wrong diagnosis, inappropriate medications and surgery. It is important that YOUR condition be expertly diagnosed clinically, supported by appropriate tests and managed accurately tailored made for YOU. YOUR condition must also be fully explained to YOU and YOUR questions satisfactorily answered. We empower YOU and YOUR family to be part of the team to decide the best option for YOU based on YOUR affordability, values, preferences and beliefs.


I understand that the patient's time is also precious in this busy world. We endeavor to cut down waiting time and reduce the number of clinic visits, we provide one stop cardiac investigations. YOU can consult, undergo tests and receive results, all within the same day.

We look forward to welcoming YOU here.


For more information on how we can assist YOU, please drop us a message in the enquiry form below. We will be in touch with YOU shortly.

CAUTION- A note From Dr.Wong

Please ensure that your artery blockages are more than 70% before considering angioplasty or bypass surgery. Speak to our cardiologist and he will teach you to estimate the blockages yourself...READ MORE

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